Sunny “Freeport” surface grinder can be placed into a number of categories: saddle, moving column, heavy-duty moving column, and the double column type. Each model has an extensive selection of control systems available, from manual, fully automatic, to numerical servo programmed (NC) operation. In addition, all Freeport grinders can be modified to match European CE norms upon customers’ request.

"Freeport" surface grinder has a complete detailed product line ranging from the smallest saddle type to the largest double column type surface grinders in the industry. We are known for high accuracy, experienced craftsmanship, and long-lasting quality. Choose Sunny “Freeport” surface grinding Machine -- we made precision easy, durable, and reliable.

Besides, depending on your grinding requirements, we offer single-head double column surface grinder or twin-head double column surface & slide-way grinder. Two types of controls are available: AHD type offers servo driven down-feed (Z axis); PNC type offers servo driven on down-feed (Z axis), longitudinal feed (X axis), and angular turning (U axis). According to your work piece dimensions, we also provide several types of machine specification with grinding area capacity from 1.2 x 1.5 meter to 4 x 20 meter. With the ample variety of models, we have the finest grinding solutions you need.

Saddle type surface grinder

Column type surface grinder

Heavy duty column type surface grinder

Single head double column type surface grinder

Twin heads double column type surface & slideway grinder

Super Twin heads double column type surface & slideway grinder