Manual saddle type surface grinder

816 M / MR, 1020 M / MR

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  • saddle type Work table steel balls

    Work table slide-way: one V one flat

    Deploy special alloy steel, precision ground with heat treatment

    Precision steel balls enables easy & efficient operation

  • saddle type Crodd feed twin V

    Cross-feed slide-way: twin V

    Deploy low friction Teflon to ensure smooth & stable saddle movements

  • saddle type Rapid vertical feed MR type

    Optional micron adjust with rapid vertical feed (MR type)

    Micron adjust minimum unit 0.002mm

    Push button rapid vertical feed increases grinding efficiency

  • saddle type Spindle Motor set

    Spindle & Motor set

    High precision in-house assembled cartridge type spindle, using 4 super precision P4 grade angular ball bearings

    V3 grade motor is integrated with spindle set via couplings for direct transmission, to obtain maximum torque and reduce vibration

  • Model SGS-618
    M / MR
    Working Surface of table. WxL 150x457 160x406 230x500

    Max. grinding surface WxL

    152x457 203x406 254x508
    Max. Horizontal travel of table. 480 430 540
    Max. Cross travel of table. 163 213 263
    Distance between table surface and spindle center 460 500
    Table speed M / MR : Manual
    Automatic crossfeed of saddle (60HZ) Manual
    Vertical handwheel (1 gra) 0.01 0.01
    Vertical handwheel (1 rev) 2 2
    Crossfeed handwheel (1 gra) 0.02 0.01
    Crossfeed handwheel (1 rev) 4
    Downfeed mirco adjustment (1 gra) MR:0.002
    Downfeed mirco adjustment (1 rev) MR:0.2
    Longitudinal travel adjustable (from~to) Manual
    Crossfeed travel adjustable (from-to) Manual
    Spindle motor 2HP x 2P 2HP x 2P (*3HP x 2P)
    Hydraulic pump motor None
    Crossfeed motor None
    Downfeed motor MR:1/5 HP x 6P
    Grinding wheel (ODxTxID) 205 x 13 x 31.75
    Spindle speed 60/50HZ 3500 RPM / 60 HZ (2900 RPM / 50 HZ)
    Coolant pump 1/8HP (*1/4HP)
    Dust collector motor 1/2HP x 2P
    Net Weight 700 kgs 650 kgs 1200 kgs
    Gross Weight 850 kgs 800 kgs 1400 kgs
    Packing dimensions (L x W x H) 1460 x 1140 x 1940 1360 x 1140 x 1940 1860 x 1520 x 2050

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